Name: Kate Kyptová
Born: 9/19/1983
Hometown: Mladá Boleslav (Czech Republic)
Height: 5’5 / 168 cm
Contest / Offseason Weight: 138.9lbs / 169.7lbs

Hobbies: BB and fitness, powerlifting, walking, MTB, in-lines, beach volleyball, swimming, dancing, traveling, meeting new friends, cooking, i study alternative medicine, aromatherapy, languages (German, English, French), nutrition

Prayer Warrior, I am what I am. When I have faith in your inner beauty, we develop a trust. When I’m sweet, I have the strength. When I shut up, walk with the gods. When I was at peace, understand themselves and the world. When faced with a conflict, I will leave. When we separate ourselves, I’m free.

When I have respect for all life, I have respect for each other. When she marries, I give respect their courage. I have compassion for all eternity with every nature. If you love others unconditionally accept evolution. The freedom is the power. When I become individuality, expressing God’s power in itself. When I serve, I give out of what I became. I am what I am eternal, immortal, universal and infinite.

How I relax: a massage, sauna, salt grotto, a glass of good wine with friends, watching fairy tales. So what I’m addicted on the motion, to count calories, for rice, the music, the fragrant bars and on the people. What can not be without: without my breakfast puffed rice with protein, and without moving. What I am friendly, always smiling, sociable, tolerant, sensitive, open, stoic and still hyper

Motto: People who can not understand the value we have for growth. Those with whom souzníme have the value of benefits. Both are equally important, although the first is quite annoying and the second vice versa.

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